No Big Names series (2002 - 2004):  With its influences rooted in the early Twitch and Scott Lindgren genre of hard core whitewater films; Brent Buntyn, Eric Seymour, and Ben Stookesberry along with a large contingent of equally dedicated and unknown paddlers  set out to produce a film that abandoned the freestyle-kayaking-induced inflated egos of the time in favor of themes rooted in exploratory class V kayaking and Rafting.  Each film featured half domestic and half international content, culminating in No Big Names 3 with a fascinating expedition to a then-dangerous region in interior Colombia resulting in a paramilitary-infested hike-out.  

Twitch V (2005): Ben Stookesberry and Eric Seymour spent 2004/ 2005 with the best and boldest big-waterfall hair boaters in the industry in Tao Berman and Josh Bechtel to push the limits of what was possible or survivable in a kayak.  The result was an incredible super-charged film from legendary editor, cinematographer, and producer Eric Link.

Hotel Charley (2006 - 2010):  Stookesberry was introduced to Jesse Coombs by Jason Rackley of in 2004, but they soon lost track of each other.  At the end of 2005, Stookesberry was planning his most ambitious  kayaking expedition yet, but no one else was willing to commit to a two-month itinerary that included a return to Colombia.  At the last possible moment, Jesse Coombs called Ben out of the blue, and revived the trip to a full-fledged filming endeavor.  

Completing the two months with the first descent of the steepest section of river ever descended by kayak, the pair was recognized as National Geographic Adventure Heroes of the Year, and produced a film simply titled Hotel Charley: Hard Core Expedition Kayaking.  

Collaborating with international fixers like Roland Stevenson, Mauricio Arredondo, Ryan McPherson, Rafa Ortiz, Rocky Contos, and Pedro Oliva the evolution of the Hotel Charley series pushed expedition kayaking to the next level.  From Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, to dramatic first descents in India and Pakistan, their team grew to include kayaker/ photographers Darin McQuoid and Chris Korbulic leading to the formation of the Eddie Bauer/ First Ascent Kayak Team and the latest installment of the series, Hotel Charley vol. 5: First Ascent.